Features for self-contained vacuum cleaners

You don’t intend to mop or sweep every day, because you want to use this free time for a variety of much more enjoyable hobbies. A standalone vacuum cleaner has the special feature of offering you a good dose of freedom, as it takes care of the maintenance of your house while you are away thanks to various programs and it can also clean the autonomous vacuum skirting board. On the other hand, it is necessary to focus on certain characteristics so that the product meets your expectations perfectly.

  • The battery is different from one model to another, it can be as little as 45 minutes compared to more than 90 minutes. It depends on the size of the area to be cleaned.
  • The weight is generally consequent for the most luxurious models, it can exceed three kilos.
  • Price is of course a factor when buying a Dyson standalone vacuum cleaner – it’s bound to be more expensive than the entry-level model, which costs less than €100.
  • Noise levels are often unpleasant for conventional vacuum cleaners and robots are no exception. Preferably choose the lowest level, between 50 and 60 dB.
  • The power is not to be neglected, because it allows your Samsung vacuum cleaner standalone to vacuum more easily the dirt on the carpet, the floor … It varies between 17 and over 24 Watts.

To make the best choice, you need of course a comparison of standalone vacuum cleaners, but also look at the reviews left by consumers. These help you to identify if an autonomous ash vacuum cleaner is suitable or if you should adopt the irobot Roomba 615 autonomous robot vacuum cleaner. It is important to note that not all references provide the same features that are different from a stand-alone pool vacuum.

Comparison of the 3 selected autonomous vacuum cleaners

Consumers do not have the same needs, so several products have been selected to meet all expectations. You have the most popular, because it includes many features. One has the best value for money while the third is a jewel of technology, so it is connected to your smartphone via an application. It is necessary to use a standalone vacuum cleaner comparator in particular to know if the Roomba 671 is the most pleasing in relation to your profile, but I also found two other products that stand out thanks to the quality and technology used.

My favourite product: the Roomba 671

Since the arrival of this technology on the market, it is undoubtedly the most interesting product because the manufacturer has been able to meet all the needs. It is therefore powerful, it adapts to all floors and it even has a WiFi connection. Thanks to the latter, you can control it with your mobile phone using of course the dedicated application. There is no need to opt for a remote control, technology enthusiasts should appreciate this rather fun operation. You are then quietly installed on your couch and you give orders to your robot.

iRobot Roomba 671, Aspirateur Robot pour Tapis et Sols Durs, Capteurs de Poussière Dirt Detect, Système de Nettoyage en 3 Étapes, Connecté en WiFi et Programmable via Application

  • Advantages: Three steps are offered for automatic cleaning on carpets, hard floors and rugs. This comparative stand-alone vacuum cleaner from a leading brand has two brushes, so it removes dirt before vacuuming. Several sensors are available to identify the areas to be cleaned.
  • Disadvantages: the price can represent a brake compared to an entry-level cordless vacuum cleaner with a long autonomy since it is charged nearly 300 euros. It is also long enough to clean a room, it takes nearly 30 minutes.

The best value for your money on a stand-alone vacuum cleaner

It is always unpleasant to have noise pollution, especially with household appliances. This autonomous vacuum cleaner robot cleaner has the particularity of being very quiet. It will therefore not disturb you while you are watching television or if you are trying to finish your book. The budget is also high, but you really remove this chore from your daily life, you can go about your business since the robot is busy vacuuming crumbs, dust, hair …

Aspirateur robot

  • Advantages: this long-lasting sweeper offers two side brushes and one in the centre for the most efficient vacuuming. You can use this appliance for up to 140 minutes and it is also possible to program the cleaning hours. Several sensors are also available to locate dirt more easily and therefore optimize maintenance without wasting time. The design is traditional and will not spoil the decoration of your living room.
  • Disadvantages: this long autonomy sweeper requires a rather consequent budget since it costs 200 euros. However, you can get rid of this chore in your daily life. The autonomous robot vacuum cleaner has satisfied many users in view of the opinions that have been revealed.

The 100% connected stand-alone vacuum cleaner

Technology can make your daily life much easier, because while this sweep vacuum autonomy is important, other criteria are also important. We therefore found a vacuum cleaner with an interesting autonomy because it can be controlled with your smartphone using an application. This allows you to enter all the programs you want in order to personalise your household as much as possible.

Proscenic 811GB Aspirateur robot Wi-Fi 2 en 1 avec fonction nettoyante, robot d'essuyage, débit d'eau réglable (3 niveaux), contrôle de l'application et Alexa, bande magnétique pour limitation

  • Advantages: The dog hair standalone vacuum is perfect if you have pets as it offers three features and four modes for cleaning. Unlike a Scooba standalone vacuum cleaner and floor scrubber, the autonomy is quite important as it approaches 130 minutes. It's also very quiet since it doesn't exceed 55 dB. The design is also an asset compared to a traditional and even entry-level Boulanger standalone vacuum cleaner because it is very thin. The thickness does not exceed 7.9 cm.
  • Disadvantages: if you have connection problems at home, it will be difficult to use this standalone industrial vacuum cleaner since it won't be able to communicate with your Smartphone, which is a problem for some homes. Again, the price is high as with a Livington premium standalone vacuum cleaner, Dyson cordless standalone vacuum cleaner or Dyson vacuum cleaner robot haier. So you need to compare standalone vacuum cleaner robots to find a promotion. This model is priced around £240, but you get peace of mind.

Our readers often ask us about pool vacuum cleaners as well. So here is some additional information.