Housework is a chore that many French people want to remove from their daily lives and technology makes this possible. Robots have become an important part of our daily lives as they take care of all the tasks. This saves you time as this 2-in-1 function is very practical. But how does a vacuum cleaner of this type work?

Only one brush to vacuum and clean

Not all vacuum cleaners work in the same way, as some have wipes while others only have a conventional brush with water distribution. Generally, wipes are offered with brushes that use steam. Steam is recommended if you have pets or children, as it actually kills 99% of bacteria, so you have a much healthier environment. Just put your wipe in the washing machine and use it again next time. It’s simple, practical and quick because you don’t need to change the brush, it adapts to all types of surfaces, whether parquet, PVC, carpet, etc…

Some brands such as Rowenta have developed a product dispenser that is located inside the brush. So it only takes one pass to clean the area, vacuum up all the dirt and even dry it! Be careful, however, as this feature is not always present. You can therefore have a traditional mop and if you walk on the wet surface, you will leave marks. On the other hand, with automatic drying, the floor is ready for use, which is again very interesting if you have children or animals

The robot is completely autonomous in your home

It comes with a base that you install in a corner of your living room or kitchen. It allows you to recharge it and store it, so you don’t have to put it away as soon as you finish cleaning it and take it out for the next session. You save time and peace of mind because all the features are available on a simple mobile application or remote control. You can program the cleaning schedule and the surface to be cleaned… So when you’re away, your robot takes care of the floors and you’ll find your home in perfect condition.

Of course, there are some tanks that you have to empty for dust or water, but you can only replace them if it uses a mop or steam.

A programmed or random move

The quality of the cleaning and the time of use are optimized if you have a powerful vacuum cleaner.

  • The entry-level range does not allow such customization, so the robot moves randomly from right to left, possibly passing the same place several times.
  • It therefore works twice as much and the result is not necessarily very exciting.
  • On the other hand, the most interesting robots have an algorithm, so they can be programmed, this allows you to choose a spiral cleaning for example.
  • The sensors help him to avoid obstacles, they spot walls…

It therefore has a good visibility of the room in order to clean it as quickly as possible. And you, now that you know how this vacuum cleaner works, are you tempted by the floor scrubbing robot?

How does a robotic scrubber-vacuum cleaner work?