Vacuum cleaners are more than just little robotic gadgets for cleaning. You can hardly do without them these days. By cleaning our homes independently, these accessories lighten our household chores. Xiaomi’s Roborock S5 and S6 are among the vacuum cleaners that have revolutionized our lives. In order to fully appreciate the benefits of the Roborock S6 robotrock, we have decided on “robot vacuum cleaner washer” to tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of the Roborock S5 and S6 vacuum cleaners.

Roborock S5 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

robot aspirateur laveur roborock s6 sur son espace de chargement

Let’s talk about the Roborock S5 first. It is a gadget that stands out from its competitors because of its many amazing functions.

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Firstly, its mapping system allows it to move in an optimized way. Indeed, this machine has the ability to suck up dirt from the narrowest areas of the house.

Secondly, the Roborock S5 can be controlled remotely. This means that we don’t always have to be present during cleaning. Indeed, the process is done from our smartphone.

Finally, this robotic vacuum cleaner, in addition to having several interesting options, is also inexpensive, if we compare it to other robotic vacuum cleaners of its generation. Indeed, its price is around 400 € if those of the competitors can exceed the 1000 € mark.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roborock S6 Xiaomi

As for the Xiaomi Roborock S6, it takes over the functionalities of the S5 with some improvements. First of all, this model is faster than the S5. Apart from that, it is quieter. Indeed, we won’t feel bothered if we find ourselves in the same room as him when he’s cleaning. Finally, the battery life of the S6 is longer compared to the S5 after many uses.

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To sum up, the Roborock S5 and S6 are high-performance devices. They are equipped with the most advanced technologies to clean our home efficiently and autonomously. However, their weakness lies in the fact that neither of these two models has the self-draining function.

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Test of the vacuum robot Robotrock S6 and S5