After spending our weekends cleaning up, we opted for an iRobot the Roomba 772nd. We’ll tell you more here about Roomba, an intelligent vacuum cleaner robot that’s programmable and recharges itself. It’s not a scrubber-vacuum cleaner we’re talking about here, but a vacuum cleaner specifically. A specialist.

iRobot Roomba 772e robot aspirateur

The Roomba 772nd features

iRobot Roomba 772 Aspirateur Robot, système de nettoyage puissant avec Dirt Detect, aspire tapis, moquettes et sols durs, idéal pour les poils d'animaux, nettoyage sur programmation, argent
  • Garantie : 2 an(s)
  • Couleur: gris
  • Dimensions: 9,2 cm
  • Accessoires inclus : base de chargement/1 barrière virtuelle/1 accessoire de nettoyage
  • Poids du produit :3,85 kilogrammes

irobot roomba 772e passe sur le tapis du salon

Vacuum robot climbs on the carpet

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is intelligent and cleans a room of about 50m2 in one go. It is programmable and allows you to turn it on when you are not at home at different times if you want depending on the day of the week.

It vacuums all floors except long pile carpets. It detects dirtier areas and spends more time there with a different mode.

irobot roomba 772e

The robot vacuum cleaner goes under your furniture

You can also set it to run without programming it, for this you have 2 operating modes: normal or very dirty.

It is intelligent and detects stairs; it returns alone to its base to recharge; it avoids obstacles by slowing down at the sight of an obstacle, which prevents it from bumping into it and damaging your furniture.

Conveniently, you won’t need another vacuum cleaner, now Roomba 772e will do the job for you.

Our opinion on the benefits of the Roomba 772e vacuum cleaner robot

  • Recharges itself (it goes back to its base to charge when it runs out of battery)
  • It is programmable
  • It easily cleans a 50m2 room without the need to recharge.
  • Battery life of about 2 hours
  • Speaks up when you make a mistake (useful if you’re close by)

irobot roomba 772 aspirateur intelligent

The intelligent vacuum cleaner robot that manages itself.

Our opinion on the disadvantages of this Roomba 772e vacuum cleaner robot

  • As for noise, it peaks at 61 decibels. For the most sensitive among you, it may appear noisy (61db).
  • The iRoomba 772 is not connected in wifi and therefore, it is not connected to the application.
  • You will need to remember to empty it regularly and clean the brushes so that you can enjoy many years of worry-free enjoyment.

Need a replacement battery for irobot Roomba 772e?

You’ll find an inexpensive efluky battery kit that specializes in replacement batteries for Roomba’s irbot vacuum cleaner robot. So there’s no hesitation to have. It’s tested and approved.

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Testing the iRobot Roomba 772e