Characteristics of a mop vacuum cleaner

Instead of mopping on one side and vacuuming on the other, you can save time with a vacuum mop. This 2-in-1 operation is much more interesting, because there is often dirt that comes off after using a traditional vacuum cleaner. So you have to make a second pass to get the perfect result. With a robot mop cleaner, you finally simplify the cleaning of your home and save time. However, a few features are welcome so that this purchase is not useless after four uses.

  • The handle must be ergonomic, so it offers you good manoeuvrability, which is very important for a robotic mop cleaner.
  • Be careful with the weight, as the chore can become a nightmare if this Rowenta mop vacuum cleaner is difficult to steer, causing pain in the arm.
  • The higher the power, the faster the dirt will be absorbed by a Philips vacuum cleaner.
  • Products that come with several mops are effective, so you can use one of them while the other is in the washing machine.
  • Be careful, as a Karcher mop vacuum cleaner is not always compatible with the addition of cleaning products, especially when it is operated with steam.
  • The price is different between a Koenig watermop 2 in 1 hr robot mop vacuum cleaner, a Kobold mop vacuum cleaner and even a robot mop vacuum cleaner, the comparator will help you make the best choice.

You now have all the elements to find the best quality/price ratio, but during my research, I found some vacuum cleaners that could satisfy you. I present these references to you now.

Comparison of the 3 selected mop vacuum cleaners

Rowenta, Philips and Bissel are three renowned brands on the market, particularly for household appliances. It is therefore not surprising that I am interested in these references since they have advantages. However, these three models should appeal to many profiles. It is undoubtedly useless to use the price to compare all the models, as the range remains the same, it is necessary to count between 200 and 300 euros for these references, but I do not hesitate to share with you some disadvantages to help you in your selection.

My favourite Rowenta mop vacuum cleaner, but also the best selling one.

If you search the Internet for a wireless vacuum cleaner or 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and mop, you will find Rowenta on the top step of the podium. Several references are available on the market, but the RY7557WH caught my eye because it has several advantages.

Rowenta aspirateur balai vapeur, Blanc/Argenté, Norme

  • Advantages: it's a vacuum cleaner that mops, so I save time since the suction head removes dust, but it also cleans with steam. Steam removes almost 99% of bacteria in the first pass. This broom and mop vacuum cleaner offers you a power of 1700 Watts, a cyclonic technology, it is ready in 30 minutes, the flow adapts to the floors whether parquet, tiles, PVC. I also appreciate for this vacuum cleaner mop opinion, the presence of two cloths. So I can change it very easily.
  • Disadvantages: I find it quite heavy as it weighs about 5.4 kg. It is therefore difficult to vacuum the whole house without a little rest. Otherwise, you juggle with both arms to reduce the pain. Compared to other products on the market, the design is not necessarily revolutionary.

The best Philips mop vacuum cleaner

Like Rowenta, Philips is a well-known brand in household appliances, so it can accompany you throughout the day. The automatic vacuum cleaner is a little more interesting than the previous one, especially in terms of design. It is however possible to have a hand vacuum cleaner to clean for example the table, the sofa, fabrics, curtains. It also has a special brush.

Philips FC6405/01 Aspirateur balai sans fil PowerPro Aqua : nettoie et aspire

  • Advantages: it is not a 2-in-1 robotic mop vacuum cleaner since it offers three features. This hybrid solution allows you to vacuum up impurities, but also to clean surfaces with water and you have a hand vacuum cleaner that can be detached very easily. So it becomes ideal for other surfaces. There are two microfiber wipes, the TriActive Turbo brush is perfect for picking up all the dirt in one pass and you have an 18V battery and a 40 minute autonomy.
  • Disadvantages: it's not a Karcher mop vacuum cleaner, but it really has some assets to please you. However, there is a defect in the container that must be inserted with care, otherwise the suction will not be the best and the dust can spread in the air. You thus lose all the advantage of a dog-tongue vacuum cleaner.

The best Bissel mop vacuum cleaner

You only have to look at it to see that it is quite different from a Noon Solovac Avis robot mop vacuum cleaner, a Scooba 385 irobot scrubber/dryer or a Koenig robot mop vacuum cleaner. The handle is quite classic, but the special feature is the brush and the central part that can be detached from the vacuum cleaner. So you have a 3 in 1 appliance.

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  • Advantages: this dog-tongue mop vacuum cleaner adapts to all surfaces and has a cylindrical brush for scrubbing, cleaning and drying floors, carpets, rugs... So you can walk without leaving any marks, because like a robot vacuum cleaner and mop, it dries the floor. You have tanks that are easy to remove to empty the dust and to refill the water.
  • Disadvantages: like an i robot mop vacuum cleaner or a Scooba stand-alone robot floor scrubber, the price is high as it costs around 270 euros, but another weak point is a bit more problematic. It is equipped with a cable that limits your movements. It is certainly 7.5 metres long, but if your house is large, you will have to juggle between the plugs. The brush sucks up all the dirt perfectly, but it is rectangular like a
    self-contained ash vacuum cleaner. So you can't clean corners properly.